Should Cat Food Be Nuts or Pates?
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Cats are arrogant and quite picky animals. This makes their owners quite headache when caring for and choosing good food for their pet cats.

Currently, the market for cat food is quite diverse, many types with different characteristics. In particular, granular and pate foods are 2 popular types chosen by many people. Many new cats or have not used these 2 types ever, wondering whether to choose granular or pate food will be better for your cat? The article below Paw Pal will provide useful information for you to read about how to choose the best and most suitable cat food.

Should I choose granular or pate cat food?

Preprocessed cat food is sold in many forms and provides different nutritional content. The food matrix is diverse, making it difficult for pet cat owners to judge which one is best to choose.

1. Cat granular food

Granular food is the most popular type today for dogs and cats. Granular products have different advantages and disadvantages that need to be clearly recognized.

ADVANTAGES of granular food for cats:

  • Convenience – easy to use: Granular food to be outside for a long time is not rancid, less damaged by bacteria. Therefore, you easily let granular food out, even if you go on a business trip for a few days, you do not worry too much about the cat being hungry. Store granular food is also much easier than pate.
  • Many nutrients: in the seeds for cats quality is processed from raw fish meat, vegetables… both delicious and ensure enough protein, vitamins, essential minerals for your cat. Cats eat seeds in addition to good health also helps limit intestinal diseases, kidney stones, hair and skin diseases.
  • Granular food is good for your cat’s teeth: Chewing nuts will cause the plaque on your cat’s teeth to be removed, limiting periodontal disease.
  • Save more money with granular food: Cat food is also cheaper than pate.

RESTRICTIONS of granular cat food:

  • Some cat nuts taste no longer fresh and natural
  • Because it is pre-produced, it is inevitable that some of the natural nutrients found in fresh food through processing will be lost even though the manufacturer has replaced them with artificial mineral amounts.
  • Cat seed food is often low in fiber and water, so if the boss eats continuously for a long time plus not being replenished with enough water and fiber, he will be prone to constipation and kidney stones.
  • If you are used to eating nuts, cats will not want to eat other foods.
  • Nuts for cats of poor quality contain high levels of chemicals, preservatives that are not good for their gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, eating nuts a lot, increases the risk of obesity in cats.

Some brands of cat food are popular today such as:

  • Royal Canin seeds: with a variety of lines such as: Royal Canin Kitten (suitable for kittens), Royal Canin Mother & Babycat (suitable for both mother and kittens), Royal Canin Urinary S / O (preferred for cats with kidney stones),…
  • Nutrience Seeds: Made in Canada, suitable for cats of all ages.
  • Minino seeds: have a variety of flavors, the most prominent is Minino Tuna – tuna flavor, Minino YUM – seafood flavor,… stimulate cats to eat better.
  • Zenith Hairball: the only soft cat seed on the market, originating in Korea, and supports effective hair removal in cats.
  • Whiskas: there are many choices of flavor and age for your kitten.
  • Catsrang seeds: famous brand from the land of Kim Chi, providing full nutrients for the comprehensive development of kittens and cats of all ages.

2. Pate feed for cats

Wet pate is one of the favorite foods of cats. In particular, pate for cats also has its own advantages – limitations that when choosing owners should note:

Advantages of pate for cats:

  • Pate ingredients are more water, with high nutritional value. Cats eat pate better for the gastrointestinal tract, easy to eat to help cats easily absorb nutrition.
  • The caloric energy in pate is not as high as grain food, with a large water content. Pate food is good for cats to diet, lose weight and maintain weight.
  • The taste of pate is also delicious and more attractive to cats. The smell of pate is prominent and easy to stimulate the taste of sick cats.

Limitations of pate for cats:

  • Cats that eat pate regularly are more prone to dental problems.
  • Wet pate is difficult to store, leaving it out for a short time is prone to rancid.
  • Pate for cats is usually in the form of a bag or box so the owner has to spend time feeding. Cats can not eat freely when there is no owner at home
  • Cat pate is more expensive than grain food.

With the above remarks of granular and pate foods, you will see that each type has different advantages and limitations for cats. Therefore, it is necessary to balance and adjust the diet accordingly so that cats do not get sick but still enough nutrition.

Do you know how to feed your cat properly?

Feeding cats properly is no less important than choosing food for them. You need to note the ways to feed cats below to balance nutrition, help cats grow healthy.

  • Feed your cat on time and in moderate amounts. Because cats are easily fed, they are easily obese, have dental problems. Ideally, you should feed your cat 2-3 meals / day.
  • With granular food, it is recommended to soak water to replenish moisture for food.
  • Combining a variety of non-experimental cat foods with only one type. The owner should exchange grain and pate meals flexibly so that the cat is more interested in food.
  • Add more water to cats, help improve the digestive system, enhance their ability to excrete.

Cat food comes in many types, with different nutritional components. Owners of cats need to understand their nutritional needs and preferences. Granular or pate forms have their own pros and cons for pet cats. Therefore, you need to evaluate based on age, interests and stage of development to choose the most suitable cat food.