How to Choose the Right Dog Food
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Dog food is divided into 2 main categories: moist food (in the form of pate, fresh food, sauce, etc.) and dry food (also called grain food). Fresh food is often preferred by dogs due to more moisture and freshness in the food. However, fresh food is quickly damaged if left out of the environment and sometimes takes time to process. Meanwhile, grain food does not take time to process, diverse in flavor and long preservation should be chosen by many people. In addition, seed food for dogs is also researched and produced by seed food companies in accordance with the breed, age, activity level of dogs.

If you are hesitant to choose grain food for dogs or not and need to pay attention to what to feed them, refer to the information below.

What is nut food?

Eager Eager to eat seeds is food that is processed into seeds, which are sold in many pet stores. Depending on the needs of each age, or species, the manufacturer will calculate to balance the nutritional content accordingly. The main ingredients of ordinary dry food are a mixture of grains, meat, minerals and vitamins necessary for pets. So you can rest assured of the nutritional level in the food still ensures the health of your dog.

Benefits of grain food?

As mentioned above, grain food is a product that has been carefully calculated by nutritionists, balancing the necessary amounts so you can also be assured of nutrition for dogs.

In addition, grain food will limit intestinal diseases that food often causes such as worms and worms. Moreover, grain food also helps your dog’s feces to be closed dry, not stinky as well as clearly shaped, more convenient for cleaning and cleaning. Feeding dogs grain food is also very convenient, clean and time-saving.

In fact, most dog families in European and American countries use grain food, only occasionally using fresh food to change the taste.

How to choose grain foods suitable for each age

Every dog at different ages will need different levels of nutrition.

Puppy food:

For puppies from 3 to 12 months of age: need higher protein and lipids because this is the period when dogs need the most nutrients to be healthy. It is the most important period in a dog’s life, this period will determine their development and health as well as their appearance later.

For the pet to be fully developed, this is the stage you need the most attention. This stage dogs need a lot of energy as well as nutrients to meet the needs of activity and rapid development through the day. Then you should feed your dog dry food specifically for puppies.

In addition, some food companies have nut food products suitable for all ages and stages of life with the difference in diet (more or less feeding). So when choosing nut food for dogs, you can choose these nuts if you want your dog’s diet to be less changed as an adult.

Food for Adult Dogs:

Usually, the crude protein content of adult dog nut foods is lower than the crude protein content of puppy nut foods.

To choose the optimal food for your dog and your financial ability, is a matter of many things to keep in mind. So we will have a separate article on this issue.

Be careful when using dog food

Although dry food has a lot of necessary nutrients, it is “dry” food so you need to pay attention to providing enough water for the dog to avoid constipation, difficult to go outside. You can mix more pate or fever into the seeds to both provide water and stimulate the taste buds for pets.