Tips on How to Keep Your Dog Healthy for New People
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Raising pets is not only about entertainment but also about creating a precious relationship in everyday life. They are loyal companions, as well as a source of encouragement in the busy moments of life. Of course, no one expects their pets to suffer from any illness.

To keep them healthy, proper care for dogs and cats is undeniable. Even if you are a beginner in pet keeping, but do not know where to start, do not worry. We at Paw Pal will guide you how to effectively care for dogs and cats through the article below, helping them stay healthy and happy.

Tips for Healthy Cat Care You Need to Know

You are a new person who has no experience in raising pets, will be very fumbling in how to feed? How do pets not get sick, sick? In particular, dogs and cats often have skin and gastrointestinal problems, difficult to feed.

Taking care of pets at home will not be too difficult, if you adhere to the following golden principles:

Full vaccine for pets

Just like humans, dogs and cats also have many types of infectious diseases, dangerous viruses. However, all can be prevented by giving adequate vaccinations to your pet. Periodically vaccinating dogs and cats with doses related to rabies, gastrointestinal tract… helps them have good resistance to some common diseases.

Balanced nutrition for dogs and cats

Assured nutrition is a top requirement for dogs and cats to grow healthy. At different ages, the owner needs to provide enough groups of substances for them to develop fully, healthy.

Dogs and cats are carnivores that need to be replenished with enough protein and fat for muscle, immune and skin hair growth. However, you also need to replenish enough fiber groups, essential vitamins to improve digestion and increase resistance for pets.

Choose foods suitable for each age: dogs and cats under 1 year old, adult dogs and cats, food for pregnant cats, newborn cats… will change. Note, it is recommended to supplement enough water for dogs and cats so that they do not have constipation, indigestion, obesity and kidney stones.

Make sure the pet is fully active

In addition to eating, physical activity is essential for indoor dogs and cats to grow healthy. You need to make sure your boss is sufficiently active, running according to their instincts. Full exercise helps dogs and cats not be obese, stubborn.

The movement helps increase chemical metabolism, help expend excess energy, improve health for the boss. Exposure to the natural environment will help them have better resistance than continuous captivity. Therefore, you should let your pet go for a walk, practice simple sports and daily entertainment.

Prepare a clean living space

Habitat greatly affects the health of pets. You need to prepare clean living space, be cleaned regularly, remove their waste. Living space needs to be rid of bacteria, viruses that cause diseases to your dogs and cats.

Regularly bathing and cleaning parts for pets will help them limit some skin diseases, pathogenic parasites.

Periodically visit the pet doctor

The final rule is not to forget to bring your pet to visit, periodically check up to early detect pathologies affecting their health.

Periodic check-ups will help you assess the health of dogs and cats and get nutrition advice from doctors, reasonable pet care. You need to choose a reputable pet care address to check for the boss.

Choose quality dog and cat food and accessories to take care of them

For newcomers, raising dogs and cats will be quite new, the first thing after vaccinating pets is to prepare food and habitat for them. Choose genuine dog and cat food and accessories to take care of a healthy boss.

  • Note, choose dog and cat food from reputable brands such as Royal Canin, Nutrience, Whiskas, Doggyman… Large food companies own research formulas suitable for the nutritional needs of pets. The ingredients of dog and cat food production also ensure safety, are strictly tested.
  • Quality dog and cat accessories, the origin is clear so as not to affect the health of the boss. You can buy entertainment toys that enhance the movement of dogs and cats. The accessory material is safe, does not contain toxic chemicals for pets.

Paw Pal is a reputable pet care store, newcomers will be advised to choose the appropriate dog and cat food for their age and the necessary accessories to start taking care of the boss. You can order online or offline at Paw Pal, with fast shipping policy, timely for the boss to experience the best quality products.

The process of raising dogs and cats is simple but very difficult, if you do not understand their needs, common problems. Pets can be retarded, sick and die if not properly cared for. Hope the above sharing of Paw Pal will help newcomers more confident in caring for dogs and cats without experience.