Tellme cat treats, immune-boosting dried cat snacks – PAW PAL
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Tellme cat treats, immune-boosting dried cat snacks – PAW PAL

Original price was: 80.000 ₫.Current price is: 53.000 ₫.

  • Tellme All for Pets
  • Place of Origin: Vietnam
  • Taste: Chicken, Tuna, Beef liver
  • Pet Type: Cat
  • Shelf life: 18 months
  • Warehouse: 497
  • Sent from: Hanoi

Original price was: 80.000 ₫.Current price is: 53.000 ₫.

Mua trên Shopee
Mua trên Shopee

Tellme cat treats are a great option to reward your pet. With natural ingredients and rich in protein, this treat is not only delicious but also helps provide the necessary nutrition for your cat.

The use of Tellme cat bonus cake is to strengthen the immune system, help cats stay healthy and fight diseases. At the same time, the bonus cake is rich in protein and fiber, which improves digestion and supports the health of bones, teeth, eyes and fur of cats.

Instructions for use are simple, you can feed the cat directly or mixed with other foods depending on the cat’s taste.

To store the product, you need to avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures. The product can be stored for a long time and re-provide health for your cat.

With the prestigious policy of Paw Pal, you can be assured of quality and service. Please review the product to get more attractive offers from the store!

Product Information:

  • Filed to: tell me
  • Place of Origin: Vietnam
  • Raw materials: Made from raw materials for human food, extremely safe, quality and no preservatives
  • Provide adequate nutrition and water for pets
  • Handy packing, easy to carry when away


  • Foods rich in protein and fiber, low fat good for digestion, help cats curb diarrhea.
  • Good for bones, teeth and eyes, helps smooth hair.
  • Rodent bars that encourage cats to chew help remove harmful plaque and tartar help improve oral health.
  • Enhance the dexterity of the legs.
  • Minimize the smell of waste.
  • Delicious reward food that makes cats constantly wagging their tails

Instructions for use:

  • The diet can be adjusted to suit the breed, weight and activity level of the cat.
  • Feed directly or mixed with rice, grain food, vegetables depending on the preferred taste.

How to store:

  • Avoid direct sunlight hitting the product
  • Avoid leaving the product near high temperatures
  • HSD: 18 months

Please note when buying:

  • If there are any complaints that need Shop support about the product, when opening the product, please return to the opening process video, to be guaranteed to be 100% replaced with new products if Shop packing errors
  • Customers receive the product, please evaluate the shop to enjoy more incentives offline

Policy of PAW PAL:

  • Products are always available, delivered as soon as the order is received
  • 100% refund if the product does not match the description of the shop
  • All products of the shop are carefully inspected before sending the shipping unit
  • Delivery nationwide, ensuring customers are completely satisfied when receiving the goods of the shop
  • Support return and exchange, refund for defective products according to Shopee policies
  • 24 / 24 consulting team, you can directly communicate with the shop at any time
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